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TestHouse Enko Ltd. is a test service provider and testing system integrator founded in June 2006. We offer measurement services, test design and system integration services. Our customers include mobile device vendors and component manufacturers, as well as electrical appliance vendors.

TestHouse Enko also provides integrated testing systems for automated RF and EMC measurement. The unique fully modular structure of Enko’s product range enables flexible growth as customer requirements and radio technologies evolve. Systems can further be tailored to meet case-specific demands.

A Strong Track Record

To date, TestHouse Enko Ltd. has provided extensive testing services and delivered testing systems to numerous clients around the world.


Our products and services

R&D and production testing solutions
Test system integration

Our strengths

Modular & flexible products
Fully automated testing
Service flexibility
Trustworthniness & reliability

Our clients

Mobile handset designers
Mobile handset manufacturers
Other wireless device vendors
Wireless network vendors
Wireless chipset designers
Electrical appliance vendors